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Pictured above are: Front row--left to right: Ray Schlinkert '63, Rick Stiens '63, Larry Dreyer '63, and Bob Wolfel.

Back row--left to right: Bob Murphy '63, Jerry Federle, Ron Trentman '63, George Clark, Bob Reis '63, Ray Schafer '63, Gene Miller '63, Bob Schutte '63, Joe Acito '63, Roger Nadler, Coach Howard Trentman '40, and Mick Brady '62

After leaving friend Joe Acito's funeral, Miller drives to a baseball field where the two played a game together in 1963.  This game was a story Joe liked to recount about a rough day he had pitching and how he had to dig deep to find the moxie needed to try and get himself out of an inning.  The story tells the tale with humor and heart.  It speaks about the spirit of baseball and brings to life the players who love the game.  Most of all it celebrates the joy of life, explored through Joe Acito's day on the mound.

Acito On the Mound has been a passion project for Fiddler’s Creek Productions the last few years.  The project was developed after FCP member Shawn Lewallen (writer/director) read Gene Miller’s  short story by the same name.  After reading it Shawn and fellow FCP member, Shane Callahan, decided it would make a great short film.  Once FCP started production, the project grew into a true endeavor with family and friends.  Finally the film is finished and will be making it’s festival run.

Thank you to everyone who helped and supported this film.